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Folk dance group GATVE

GATVE is one of the oldest and best folk-dance groups in Latvia. It was founded 1946 – time when on-stage folk dancing became a separate and independent genre. GATVE takes place between those few who maintains and develops Latvian folk dance culture since the genre was first founded.

Since 1990 GATVE artistic director is Gunta Raipala, dance tutor Aigars Bajārs who works alongside to artistic director, not only to perfect dancers’ technique, but also to add emotional context to the choreographies. GATVE continues to popularize Latvian folk dance by attending and performing in different events not only in Latvia, but also abroad. It is a tradition to polish the name of Latvia in different international events and festivals every year.

GATVE is a combination of youthful fervour, ambitions and their special dance charisma. GATVE is always ready for new challenges participating in different dance plays written by various Latvian choreographers. They also treasure Latvian folk dance classics, such as “Gatves deja”, “Dejotprieks” and other chorographical pieces from Latvian golden fund.

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Kolektīva vadītājs/ -i
Artistic director Gunta Raipala, Tutor Kristīne Kitnere, accompanist Elīna Strance
Nodarbību vieta
Riga, Lāčplēša Street 106/108
Nodarbību laiki
On Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.30pm - 10.30pm
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