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The mixed choir DZINE

The mixed choir “Dzīne” was founded in 1988. The choir consists of 40 singers. Each season the choir renews their repertoire, holding on to the best pieces from the previous seasons, as well as preparing a special spiritual music and Christmas programmes. Within the repertoire of “Dzīne” the majority of music are Latvian original compositions and adaptations of folk songs, however the choir is no stranger to the works of great composers across the world.

Since its founding day, the choir has participated in all of the Latvian Nationwide Song Celebrations, Nordic – Baltic Choral Festivals (Riga 1995, Gotland 1998, Klaipeda 2002), Student Song Festival “Gaudeamus” (Tartu 1995, Vilnius 1999, Riga 2004, Tartu 2006), also taking part in international choir festivals in Sweden (1990), France (1993, 2013), Denmark (1995), Norway (1996), Germany (1994, 1998), Spain (2003), Poland (2014). The choir has also received various awards in competitions “Rīgas zīle” (1996), “Skienas” (Norway) international music festival (1996), VII international spiritual music festival in Daugavpils “Sudraba zvani” (2007), 17th International Advent and Christmas music festival in Prague (Czech Republic 2007), 8th World Choir Olympiad in Riga (2014), III European choir Olympiad and Nation Grand Prix in Riga (2017).

Kolektīva vadītājs/ -i
Artistic director Aivars Gailis, conductor Līvija Marta Reine
Nodarbību vieta
VEF Culture Palace | Ropazu Street 2, Riga
Nodarbību laiki
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm
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