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Exhibition hall

Every day, the Exhibition Hall offers various exhibitions of the works of professional and amateur artists: paintings, photographs, collections of different items.  Larger exhibitions may expand beyond the boundaries of the Exhibition Hall, into the Lobby and the Mirror Hall of the Palace. Expositions change once a month, at an average.

Walls of the hall are fitted with a suspension system for exhibiting drawings, paintings, photographs and similar planar items. A special lighting system is used to illuminate works of art.

These premises are often hired for press conferences, gala dinners and exhibition opening events.

Venue Area,
Price, EUR
Price, EUR
with VAT
Exhibition Hall 112 1 48.00 58.08

Regarding any enquiries about rent of our premises please contact the Culture Association of Northern Riga Director Liene Kubiļus, phone No.: +371 25488536, e-mail: ziemelriga@riga.lv.