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The Grand Hall

For various festive occasions, theater plays, concerts, congresses, exhibitions and other events, where estimated guest list is up to 700 people, we offer to rent the richly adorned Grand Hall of Culture palace “ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA“.

It is possible to simultaneously accommodate 700 guests in the Grand Hall (seats are available in parterre, side galleries and balcony). Chairs are movable and therefore they could be arranged individually according to the needs and wishes of the event planner.

A factor of 1.5 is applied to the fee for lease of the premises after 10:00 PM. The preparation time is charged at 0.5 of the lease fee.

Usage of lighting and audio equipment is included in the lease fee.

Venue Area,
Price, EUR
Price, EUR
with VAT
Grand Hall (with the stage) 547 1 188.00 227.48
Grand Hall (without the stage, 440 seats) 427 1 154.00 186.34
Balcony with fixed seats and sitting cushions 178 1 51.00 61.71
Gallery (on one side, 65 seats) 112 1 32.00 38.27

Please address any enquiries regarding the and rent of our premises to the Northern Riga Cultural Association Director Liene Kubiļus, phone No.: 25488536, e-mail: ziemelriga@riga.lv.