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Photo club RĪGA

The photo club “RIGA” is one of the oldest photo clubs in Latvia. In 1962 fifteen graduates of Faculty of Journalism, Central Club of Polygraphs created their own photo amateur club. The first manager of the group was a movie operator and photographer Vilnis Folkmanis. Since 1975 the artistic director was Aivars Akis. Soon the photo club became the center of photo life. Soon G.Binde, V.Brauns, J.Gleizds, L.Tugalevs and other well-known photographers  became members of the photo club.

As of 1995 the artistic director of the group is Eizenija Anna Freimane, and since 2007 the photo club has found its home at the VEF Culture palace. This happened at the same time when the photo industry was introduced to new technologies and the new generation started to actively take interest in photography.

Members of the photo club “RIGA” are continuing already established traditions: regularly organizing joint and individual exhibitions in Latvia and abroad (Estonia, Lithuania, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, etc..), participate in international festivals, contests and seminars. Many authors of their works have received FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art – Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) honorary name – AFIAP – Artist FIAP (Artist).

At the photo club “RIGA” there are many educational programs: lectures, themed photo contests, meetings with creative people, discussions and plein air.

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Eiženija Anna Freimane
Nodarbību vieta
VEF Culture Palace | Ropazu Street 2, Riga
Nodarbību laiki
Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6pm until 8pm