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Liberal art studio MĀRA

The Liberal arts studio “Māra” was established in Riga on Christmas day of 1982. Those born on Christmas are considered to be happy and in return make others happy. If such flowers have been placed in a crib, the only thing left to do was to listen to a wise advice, which the members of the studio received from the potter – old master Eduard Detlavs, and follow the lead of the studio’s manager Māra Kuplā; take the clay and knead, create anything that your heart desires, that can be placed on a table, shelf, window sill, on a wall or used as a toy or an ornament for a celebratory occasion or just everyday life. Old forms are being taken and accepted, aligning them with the modern understanding and adding new modern techniques as well.

The ancient forms are being entwined with a new technical method – the weave. It adorns the plates and makes you think about a festive moment. There is an echo of ideas from a potter Gustavs Ozoliņš – his work is continued by studio “Māra”. The future master potters still follow the old ways and prepare the clay only from natural grass, wood, seashells and rock admixture.

The mission of the group is to preserve and to creatively advance Latvian folk art traditions within the field of ceramics. To ensure lifelong educational possibilities and practical work experience development to all generations who are interested.

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Māra Kuplā
Nodarbību vieta
Tallinas Street 17 - III studio, Riga
Nodarbību laiki
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm until 7pm